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  • Athletic / Sports Dentistry

  • A Mouth guard is an oral appliance used to protect your teeth. One of the most common types of mouth guards is one designed for use with sports.   The sports guard (sometimes called an athletic mouth guard) should be worn during athletic activities to protect your smile from injury. Dental injuries are unfortunately very common in sports especially in contact sports, although they can be beneficial for athletes of all types.   These guards are made with a rubbery type of material that provides shock absorption for the teeth.  While the most common type of guard is an inexpensive boil-and-fit type purchased over the counter, the best guard is one made in our dental office.  You and/or your athlete will benefit from the superior fit and oftentimes can select a color to match the team or sport of choice. 

  • The American Dental Association and/or the Academy of Sports Dentistry recommend mouth guards for any individual who participate in any of the activities below. 

    Click on this link to read more about this important topic.  http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/m/mouthguards

  • Acrobatics Handball Softball
    Baseball Ice Hockey Squash
    Basketball Inline Skating Surfing
    Bicycling Lacrosse Volleyball
    Boxing Martial Arts Water Polo
    Equestrian Events Racquetball Shot Put
    Field Events Rugby Skydiving
    Field Hockey Skateboarding Weightlifting
    Football Skiing Wrestling
    Gymnastics Soccer
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