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  • Crowns & Bridges

  • At Park Blvd Dentistry, we offer crowns and bridges for our patients.  If your tooth has been severely damaged where the area of the tooth is too large to fix with a filling, then a dental crown might be a solution.  Dr. Szeszycki may recommend a crown to restore a tooth’s size, shape, color and function.  A crown or "cap" completely covers your damaged tooth and is cemented into place providing you with a strong replacement that looks like a natural tooth.   Dr. Szeszycki also might recommend a crown if you needed to replace a large filling, protect a tooth from further chipping, replace a tooth that is fractured, protect a tooth that has had root canal treatment or to restore an implant.

  • A bridge might be recommended if you have a missing tooth causing a gap between your teeth.  Missing teeth can cause other problems and can make talking and chewing more difficult.  If you have a missing tooth that goes untreated, the surrounding teeth may begin to shift into the empty space which will ultimately affect your bite.  When "bridging" a gap where you have missing teeth, the final restoration is called a bridge.   The adjacent teeth to the missing tooth are trimmed down and "capped" with crowns.  The replacement tooth, called a pontic, is attached to those crowns to form the bridge.  

    If you would like to learn more about Crowns and Bridges, please contact our office today!