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  • Financing

  • We offer several flexible forms of payment including cash, check and credit cards.

  • Additionally, if necessary, we also work with Care Credit and Lending Club which are patient healthcare financing companies that offer a wide variety of payment options.  Please visit their websites below for application information.

  • What is CareCredit?  With CareCredit, you pay no up-front costs, no pre-payment penalties and no fees.  Plus, CareCredit is a revolving credit line, a credit card for medical services, to be used for additional treatments or add-on charges, without the need to re-apply each time. It only takes a few minutes to apply for CareCredit and you could receive an online decision within seconds.

    Why wait any longer!  CareCredit will allow you the freedom to begin your dental procedures right away, then make low payments over time.  Payment plans can be worked to fit into almost any budget and include a range of No Interest and Extended Payment Plans covering procedures up to and even over $25,000.

    CareCredit is a revolving line of credit that can be used for additional treatments or other medical services with a zero reapply needed policy.  It takes just a few minutes to apply, and an answer to your dental needs can be received in just seconds!  With no up-front costs, no fees, or pre-pay penalties, the way to the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted has never been easier.

    Visit:  carecredit.com/dentistry
    Call:   (800) 677-0718


  • What is Lending Club?  Lending Club Patient Solutions provides quality, responsible options for people looking to finance elective medical procedures through thousands of U.S. healthcare providers. Patients and doctors rely on Lending Club Patient Solutions for innovative payment options, high approvals, competitive rates and exceptional customer service.

    Visit:  lendingclub.com/dental
    Call:   (800) 630-1663
    email: solutions@lendingclub.com
    Fax:   (508) 281-8505

  • For information on other payment options that may be available, please call our office.