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  • Geriatric Dentistry

  • Dr. Szeszycki and her staff have long been conscientious providers of dental care for senior adults and are educated through continuing education seminars about the needs of patients as they grow older.  With older adults, we are concerned about the effect of medications that may cause dry mouth and about the loss of dexterity that may lessen the ability to keep the oral tissues clean.  It is important to us that our patients can chew and smile and enjoy good oral health throughout their lifetimes.  Effective Geriatric Dentistry requires the delivery of multiple scientific disciplines to promote a lifetime of dental health.  You will discover that the Park Blvd Dentistry team approach to safeguarding the oral health of elderly patients is personalized, comprehensive and fine-tuned to the goals of each patient. 

    We take whatever time is necessary to listen to the specifics of what our older adult patients need and want. We design a treatment plan that is compatible with each patient’s desire to restore and/or maintain his/her teeth.  You will find that we are not pushy or demanding as we suggest what we see as the best options for the overall health and well-being of each patient.  Our goal is to provide great care for a very reasonable cost and to make sure that our patients keep as many of their natural teeth as possible.  We understand that serving older patients often can require unique attention to medical and dental care.  Dr. Szeszycki is accustomed to serving patients with special sensory, ambulatory or social needs.  It should not be necessary for seniors with physical or mental disabilities, serious dental issues or limited financial resources to forego the professional dental care they deserve.  Oral hygiene complications can frequently lead to depression, malnutrition and other debilitating disorders.  We understand how effects of aging, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and medications, can aggravate oral hygiene and potentially promote dental decay and periodontal disease.  It is extremely important for every elderly person to have access to the care and hygiene necessary to maintain healthy mouth tissues and lip posture especially because periodontal disease has been linked to stroke, heart disease and other life-threatening conditions. 

    The barriers that used to prevent older adults from receiving dental care and hygiene are a thing of the past.  We take great pride in giving every patient a reason to smile.  Our location and office is extremely access-friendly.  We are conveniently located on the first floor and are completely ADA compliant. 

    Dr. Szeszycki looks forward to answering your questions and serving you for many years to come.