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  • Smile Makeover

  • Are you one of those people who wish they could change something about their smile or maybe someone who does not like any aspect of their smile at all?  A bright smile offers a beautiful reminder of your health and happiness. When you smile, your dazzling teeth brighten up any room you walk into and makes others sit up and take notice of you. Unfortunately, imperfections in/on our teeth such as chips or stains may be unattractive and broken teeth can impact the way we speak and eat.  Tooth and gum issues can quickly turn your smile into something you are ashamed of, making you hide your smile and stopping you from sharing your happiness with others. 

    A blend of dental treatments done together may be the best way alternative, and this can be done with the Park Blvd Dentistry smile makeover procedures.  Dr. Szeszycki and the Park Blvd Dentistry team offer smile makeovers to patients who are wanting to resolve several dental problems at once, such as:

    • Severely stained or yellowing teeth
    • Crooked teeth
    • Gaps between teeth
    • Uneven teeth
    • Missing teeth
    • Broken or chipped teeth
    • Gummy smiles 

    If any of these are affecting your personal or professional life and you are hiding your smile as a result of them, the experienced team at Park Blvd Dentistry can help.  We will focus on correcting your bite function to improve your overall dental health, as well as the aesthetics of your teeth so that you will be happy and self-confident every time you smile.  

    So what is involved?  There are several different cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be used to give you a brighter, more beautiful smile. Some of the more common procedures used include: 

    • Tooth whitening to brighten surface enamel
    • Dental veneers to reshape teeth and cover discoloration, marks, or chips
    • Dental bonding or direct composite veneers to repair pits, marks, and chips and to rebuild damaged teeth
    • Dental implants to replace missing teeth
    • Other improvements from general or cosmetic dentistry, as needed 

    Every patient requires a different kind of smile makeover and Dr. Szeszycki will cater each set of procedures to fit your need, anything from fillings to cosmetic re-contouring—whatever is needed to restore the beauty of your natural teeth and bring out the best in your smile.  In addition to these, some patients may require correction of their temporomandibular joint due to TMJ.  If this is the case, then we will work to fix the largest dental issues affecting your overall health before moving to esthetic concerns. 

    A smile makeover can dramatically change the shape, length and color of your teeth, as well as improve the health of your bite, teeth and gums.  So why wait another day to achieve a natural, brilliant smile?  

    For more information about a Park Blvd Custom Smile Makeover, Call us today at (630) 469-0800 to schedule an appointment.